Jul 28, 2014
Buyer Agent - Do homeowners have to have a realtor?

With all the technology in the real estate market many new buyers ask themselves do I really need a realtor? The answer to this question depends on the buyer, but most of the time is yes and no. Really almost everyone needs a realtor for some part of the home buying process, but not all and this is where a discount realtor can be their greatest asset.

The home buying process has drastically changed over the last couple decades as the digital age takes hold. Buyers have almost every resource they need online where they can access it 24-hours a day via computer or smart phone. This includes finding homes, open houses, mortgage qualification as well as many other facets of the home buying process. With all the work the home buyer does themselves what can a top realtor actually do to improve this process. The simple truth for most home buyers is there are still steps in the process that only a professional knows or can do.

Buyers who are serious about taking control buying their new home can search for a Buyer Agent to help them with bidding and closing on a home. Agents such as those who work with Jason’s House allow the buyer to receive a portion of the commission for doing less of the home buying process. This rewards the buyer for all their hard work and the agent only helps with the steps the buyer cannot do themselves. The buyer lists all the items they will need help with and agents bid on working for them. This leaves the rest of the process up to the buyer who can do the research on their terms and timeline.

If you would like more information on saving money on buying your new home, please contact us to get a buyer rebate.

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